We are very proud to bring our pork to your table! Our pigs are pasture raised, added chemical/hormone free, and cared for with love- resulting in a delicious meat that you can feel great about eating!


Planted decades ago, our trees have produced delicious pecans year after year. Perfect for salads, sweets, or adding a bit of crunch to any meal. 


Our simple, delicious jelly has three ingredients. Fruit pectin, organic turbinado sugar, and the juice from the fruit we harvest.

Price per Pound

Ground - $5

Thin Chops - $6

Thick Chops - $8


Breakfast - $7

Jalapeno Cheese - $7


Raw, Cracked 

$6 - half pound

$12 - per pound

Candied Pecans

$8 - half pound

$16 - per pound

Whole Pecans, Uncracked

$5 - per pound

Price per Jar

Wild Plum - $5

Pecan Shortbread

Made with the pecans from our trees, these crisp, flavorful cookies are perfect for dunking in a warm drink during the holiday season.

Price per Dozen

A Dozen - $10

Fruit Butter

Our apple and pear butters are made with fruit from our farm and honey from local beekeepers. Spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.


Currently Out of Season

Will Return in the Fall